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[ page update: 2020-I-17  // 2021-VII-13, 2021-XI-11, 14; mjw ]

We encourage users of this web-based second edition of Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica to provide us with additions and corrections to the accounts as presented in the Nomenclator Generum, Nomenclator Subgenerum, Nomenclator Specierum, as well as additions and corrections to the information presented elsewhere on this website.

Communications regarding all aspects of this website should be submitted to both John Reynolds and Mark Wetzel via email (addresses below).

  • New additions for genera, subgenera, and species – to  include complete accounts for newly described taxa, and taxa that were inadvertently omitted from this second edition due to our oversight, or inability to obtain a copy of the publication in which the original description had been presented.
  • Updated information for taxon accounts – to include updated for the type material (i.e., lost material has recently been discovered; material in the personal collection(s) of the describing authority(ies) has since been deposited in a recognized museum or other institutional collection; accession numbers, initially omitted from type material when the original description was published, that have since been assigned; type material previously thought lost has since been located and deposited in a recognized institution; and/or other current or corrected information for an account.
  • Updated information for the Index Auctorum – to include corrections and addenda to the names of authorities now listed (e.g., correction to the spelling of an authority’s name as currently listed, and/or inclusion of a complete first name, and when possible, a middle name or initial).
  • Updated information for the Index Auctoritatum – to include corrections and addenda to the abbreviations and full titles of the listed publications, name of publisher, and city in which the journal is (was) published.
  • Updated information for the Index Museorum – to include repository name, address, and the name and email address of the curator, collections manager, or other contact person for inquiries regarding specimen deposition, and URL for the website associated with that collection or repository.

Please follow these procedures for updated information you are submitting to us for inclusion:

  • Accounts for newly described taxa  should be formatted like those included in the Nomenclator Generum, Nomenclator Subgenerum, and/or Nomenclator Specierum.  A pdf of the paper in which the taxon was originally described should also be attached to the email you send to us with the new taxon account.
  • Corrections, additions to accounts now included in the Nomenclator Generum, Nomenclator Subgenerum, and/or Nomenclator Specierum  should include the account as now presented, followed by the account with your corrections.
  • Corrections, additions to the Glossarium and References pages, and any other page associated with this website:  send us comments as appropriate.

Contact information: 

> Mark J. Wetzel — * mjwetzel'[AT]’

> John W. Reynolds — * john.w.reynolds1941′{AT}’  [new email address as of 15 January 2020]

* Please note:  ‘[AT]’ has been substituted for the ‘@’ symbol in email addresses associated with curators, collections managers, institutional contacts, and with us, to divert (as best possible) the harvesting of email addresses by spammers, commercial entities, and others of their ilk.

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