Nomenclator Generum

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Introduction.  In this Nomenclator Generum, we present accounts for all known oligochaete genera.  Each account below includes: genus name, last name(s) of authority(ies) first describing the genus, year that the original description was published, abbreviated name for journal or other publication in which the original description was published (including the series, volume, issue {as applicable}, and page on which the original description begins), type species designated for the genus that includes the last name of the authority(ies) first describing the type species, the year the type species was described, and the family in which the genus was placed at the time of its original description.

The navigation table, below, provides a quick link to webpages dedicated to the genera beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  The navigation table is followed by a brief summary of annotations that are associated with many of the accounts, including several examples.

Click on the first letter of the genus name in this table:


Summary of annotations associated with many of the accounts, including several examples.

Accounts for genera previously included in the original N.O. series – i.e., in N.O. (Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica – Reynolds and Cook, 1976), N.O.S.P. (Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica Supplementum Primum – Reynolds and Cook, 1981), N.O.S.S. (Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica Supplementum Secundum – Reynolds and Cook, 1989, and / or N.O.S.T. (Nomenclatura Oligochaetologica Supplementum Tertium – Reynolds and Cook, 1993) – have been annotated as follows:  ‘[N.O., p. x]’, ‘[N.O.S.P., p. x]’, ‘[N.O.S.S., p. x]’, and / or ‘[N.O.S.T., p. x]’).  When a second (or even third) annotation has been presented with an account, this likely indicates that a correction or update of information was included with that account in one (or more) of the three supplements in the original series.

Examples (two existing accounts, with brief explanations in boldface):

  • Abyssidrilus Erséus, 1992; Zool. Scripta 21(1): 18; Typ: Phallodrilus profundus Cook, 1970. (Tubificidae) [N.O.S.T., p. 8] – The account for this genus was first included in N.O.S.T., page 8.
  • Antipodrilus Brinkhurst et Jamieson, 1971; Aquatic Oligo. World, p. 523; Typ: Tubifex davidis Benham, 1907. (Tubificidae) [N.O., p. 48] debet esse Brinkhurst, 1971 [N.O.S.T., p. 10]  – The account for this genus was first included in N.O. on page 48, stating (incorrectly) that Brinkhurst et Jamieson were co-authors of this genus; this error was corrected in N.O.S.T., page 10: Brinkhurst is the sole author of this genus.

Accounts for genera that are new entries to this second edition – those genera described as new to science since the publication of N.O.S.T. (Reynolds and Cook, 1993) plus accounts for genera described prior to 1993 that were inadvertently omitted from the previous editions – have not been annotated.

Examples (three existing accounts, with brief explanations in boldface):

  • Altmanella Fend, 2009; Zootaxa 2077: 6; Typ: Kincaidiana freidris Cook, 1966. (Lumbriculidae) – This genus was described after N.O.S.T. was published.
  • Metschaina Michaelsen, 1903; Zool. Jb. Syst. 18: 462; Typ: M. suctoria Michaelsen, 1903. (Eudrilidae) – The account for this genus was inadvertently omitted from N.O. and all supplements in the original series.
  • Thallasodrilides Brinkhurst et Baker, 1979; Can. J. Zool. 58(8): 1564; Typ: Limnodriloides gurwitschi Hrabě, 1971. (Tubificidae) – The account for this genus was inadvertently omitted from all three supplements in the original series.

We encourage users of this website to provide us with additions and corrections to accounts for the genera on the pages linked from the table, above – especially for the accounts that are incomplete, highlighted in orange.  We ask that all contributors of information for this website follow the simple instructions provided on the For Contributors page.